From start to “start”

I’ll talk about a topic that for some can be embarrassing, but for others it is a matter of dedication and pride.
White belt, which is to be a white belt?
In the first days or months is all cause for celebration, dedication and comments with friends about being a beginner in jiu-jitsu a white belt. But soon this dedication changes focus and becomes just the next track display, with even a breakdown with this track.
So with the focus diverted, the student ceases to strive to learn to think only an examination day, forgetting the basics were taught.
A teacher, a black belt, was not born with a tied belt, he went through the whole process of maturing to be ready to deserve such size range. But this image of the white belt is broken is very wrong, because it is precisely at this moment of learning that absorbs all the basic and essential movements for any black belt.
Hip scapes (shrimp scape), break fall and front fall and several movements that are thoroughly done by all, especially by white belts and often do not understand the reason for so much repetition.
“With repetition came to perfection …” – Michael Jordan (NBA myth in the 90s)
Being the first belt on virtually all martial arts, these practitioners train and develop their art along with other senior athletes, but these graduates to train with a white belt provide a more rhythmic training and basic movements for greater fixing of positions and a better future development in the advanced stages.
I say that: a Black Belt is a White belt did not give up the practice.
That’s when we learned all the details to be used throughout sporting life. How to forward positions without knowing the details of the basic? How to seek advanced submissions without basic solidified?
Certainly, it is normal to wish a new graduate, it is a feeling of human ascension. Who does not want to receive a black belt? Who does not wish to be world champion? Everyone wants an advanced degree, want to teach and train new black belts. But there is a common point between them, they both get the White Belt.