Do you know more than 40% of BJJ practitioners stop their training on the Blue Belt?

Do you know more than 40% of BJJ practitioners stop their training on the Blue Belt?

To understand what happens we need to go back years ago and understand some myths about Jiu-Jitsu. In 80’s and 90’s a practitioner wasn’t prepared to change his belt, the student received the blue belt like an extension of the white belt. Whites and Blues had different classes, different sparring and the people were excluded and discriminated because use the Blue Belt for 4 years, but this was in the past.
Today this legend gone, the martial art, the sport and the society evoluted. The discrimination ended and the graduation have international rules. Today White, Blue, Purple, Brown and Black belts work together, practicing together, sparring together, respecting each other and respecting the rules each belt need to follow.
With all those changes, people still need to work mainly on their perseverance. To go up on your rank you need to work hard, practice hard and you should be sure that all your work will make your coach watch you and promote you in the right moment.
You don’t need to have high ranks to show people you are a good fighter.
Patience, Persevere, Respect and Confidence are the most important teachings any Martial Art can teach you.

Jiu-Jitsu, forming Athletes People’s Well.

 “My main purpose as a teacher is to train black belts in life, the mat is a mere consequence”. With this statement, we direct our students in their training since joining the sport. Form a champion is not difficult, we all technical, psychological and physical support that may become a major highlight in a short time with a team of professionals in many areas such as experts in nutrition and diets, physical therapists and other specialties. It creates then a set of factors that lead to human excellence in the sport.

Form a “black belt” in life is much more complicated! Forward this person for good and with personality and character values ​​printed in their lives, does not depend on technical only, trainer or physiotherapist but Teacher/Educators who are interacting all the time with the student, with the environment that he lives and with your family. These Teachers/Educators not only teach but also educate, and are recognized and treated as family members and their advice and guidance are faithfully followed. If this happens for a lifetime, that student will certainly be a winner. Jiu-jitsu, our martial Art that we defend and represent, is taken by all of us, every day, everywhere where we go, college, university, professional environment or social events and only with education and sportsmanship, we can to the image of jujitsu walk as an educational reference, social inclusion and a means disciplinarian. It will be very good, in the near future, we see that parents put their children in Jiu-Jitsu not only learn a martial art, but also believe that Jiu-Jitsu helps build character and develop the civic and sporting spirit of these future citizens.

By Professor Bruno Guimaraes