Strategy for Better results in BJJ according to Soul Fighters BJJ in Cedar Park TX

According to Professor Bruno Guimaraes from Peak Performance Soul Fighters Jiu-JItsu in Cedar Park Texas, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be compared to the chess, where all the time we seek to take the opponent under our complete domain.

For this act to happens, the practitioner needs to repeat so many times the moves, detailing and tracking what the other side can make to defending. This way, the person works on quick reflexes and many other physical attributes but mainly on his/her keen inteligence. 

However, one of the factors that will really make a difference is the STRATEGY of how to drive one fight into your favor.

Strategy is a comprehensive word, where its definition in the dictionary says “ingenious combination to achieve an end”. Jiu-Jitsu requires a lot of strategy and study to achieve good results and good performance, really compared to the Chess.

Strategy of fight, strategy of team, strategy of technical and physical training finally we have to deal with strategies full time, compared to our daily life. The sport does this by the practitioner, makes him develop, open horizons.

Practice Jiu-Jitsu with intelligence, force your brain to work with intelligence, always ask for smart and strategically assembled classrooms.

Peak Performance Soul Fighters Jiu Jitsu have a good and aggressive strategies in competitions and business, we have reached positions never reached previously and still in ascension and visioning always to improve our strategies more.

The True Meaning Soul Fighters Jiu Jitsu in Cedar Park Texas

Many people still carry the misconception that martial arts only serve to harm weak people. In specialized gyms, we can often see people who are training because they want to learn for recreational reasons.

According to Professor Bruno Guimaraes from Peak Performance Soul Fighters Jiu-JItsu in Cedar Park Texas, Jiu-Jitsu is currently one of the most sought after martial arts in academies around the globe, but many lay people have a negative view of the sport, while others enroll themselves into the academy to learn how to street fight.

In the past, Jiu Jitsu Martial Art was practiced as a personal defense of the samurais when they were unarmed, today many people struggle with these purposes attached to the philosophy and commandments of the Jiu-Jitsu and only view it martial arts they see in the UFC.

With the growth of MMA – Mixed Martial Arts, the mixture of martial arts, whom the best known and desired championship is UFC, is nothing more than a descendant sport of the VALE TUDO BRASILEIRO (EVERYTHING IS  ALLOWED) with a masterful touch of entertainment  business, causing many adults, teenagers and even children to worship and hope to get to fight in such an octagon. But this form of fighting, where “gladiators” face each other, delivers a real bloodbath taking the arenas to delirium.

Jiu Jitsu literally translated means Gentle Art. With all martial arts, the purpose is to provide you the ability to improve many aspects of your life. Your health, focus, strength, peaceful nature, confidence and so much more. You will learn how to defend yourself, but the benefits of improving all areas of your life will dominate your training.

MMA is not a sport; it is a mix of all martial arts. 

Overall, the learning with this article is Jiu-Jitsu doesn’t encourage people to violence; people encourage violence because of their own personal nature. To learn more visit our academy at 500 Brushy Creek Rd. Ste. 504, Cedar Park, Texas 78613 or call to set an appointment at 512-918-8921


It is the student who chooses his teacher and almost always reflects how the teacher acts and thinks inside and outside the mats, his way of training with higher rank people and dealing with beginners, with stronger or weaker ones . It is up to the teachers to polish the attitudes of their students so that everyone has attitudes expected by society, so that the training goes peaceful and nothing turns personally. A teacher is a leader, inside and outside the class. It is also up to the teacher complement the family education and be responsible for the discipline, sports spirit of them students correcting promptly some deviation of conduct.

Unfortunately not all teachers have the same vision of conduct. Years ago, I was in Porto Alegre – Brazil for visiting and talking with friends when I was asked how the positioning of teachers and athletes in Rio de Janeiro would be. Curious, I asked him why, when I was even more surprised when I heard the answer: “… I would not put my son in any Jiu-Jitsu academy here in town. I have tried to know more details and I was surprised to learn that teachers and students together use legal and illegal drugs often at the door of the gym and then come in to train a “high” training. Let’s analyse this person: in his training as a person and an athlete, he/she did not follow up on and monitor family, school and teachers.

What is the huge deal on it? All students of different ages, who will grow up under those bad teachers will form hundreds of thousands of other bad students and consequently other bad teachers and also giving support to the growth of drug and alcohol consumption going against the encouragement to the sport by parents and teachers who would rightly care for the health of the people. According to these black belts, they can often fight well, but have not had instruction and attitudes of a true black belt.

This should cherish and pass on the true philosophy of our art, which would be of clean mind and body to work together in harmony with laws of Physics and inertia. This theme is somewhat controversial because it is not only the privilege of south brazilian academies, but a reality in every country, unfortunately. Before we give away our children in establishments such as schools, academies, playgrounds and even party houses we must know the routine and know these places thoroughly so that we do not have problems of misconduct of our children. We, Black Belts teachers, are opinion makers, idol, model of life for many students who today have class with us and if we keep bad habits our students will also keep the same ones bad habits. So we have, more than ever, to police ourselves regarding attitudes and responsibilities. Our students will be just a mirror of the life we lead. We have to keep our body and mind clear. We have to be an example as a person, an example as a former student and as a teacher. We should also be an example for the parents, having all of students as son and daughters doesn’t matter the age, gaining the trust of all to open up aspects of their lives to make us idols, leader and models of life that supposedly have the ideal outlet for their problems.

That is to be an idol, to be a model, to direct good students and to form good teachers and good people. “Black belt people” in life. Is this attitude a line of thought the invisible Jiu-Jitsu that has been passed to us since we entered art? I hope so and I am grateful to have had those teachings and be able to pass on to my students as well as integrate a conscious team and we all think the same way. We are a team, we are a group of black belts in life showing the path of good and right to new individuals, certainly giving continuity of Good x Bad that until today with expressive success of good.