Strategy for Better results in BJJ according to Soul Fighters BJJ in Cedar Park TX

According to Professor Bruno Guimaraes from Peak Performance Soul Fighters Jiu-JItsu in Cedar Park Texas, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be compared to the chess, where all the time we seek to take the opponent under our complete domain.

For this act to happens, the practitioner needs to repeat so many times the moves, detailing and tracking what the other side can make to defending. This way, the person works on quick reflexes and many other physical attributes but mainly on his/her keen inteligence. 

However, one of the factors that will really make a difference is the STRATEGY of how to drive one fight into your favor.

Strategy is a comprehensive word, where its definition in the dictionary says “ingenious combination to achieve an end”. Jiu-Jitsu requires a lot of strategy and study to achieve good results and good performance, really compared to the Chess.

Strategy of fight, strategy of team, strategy of technical and physical training finally we have to deal with strategies full time, compared to our daily life. The sport does this by the practitioner, makes him develop, open horizons.

Practice Jiu-Jitsu with intelligence, force your brain to work with intelligence, always ask for smart and strategically assembled classrooms.

Peak Performance Soul Fighters Jiu Jitsu have a good and aggressive strategies in competitions and business, we have reached positions never reached previously and still in ascension and visioning always to improve our strategies more.

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