How to prepare for Jiu Jitsu competitions at Cedar Park Texas in the year 2018?

By Professor Bruno Guimaraes, Head Coach of Soul Fighters Austin TX, black belt 2nd Degree, the year begins with competitions throughout the year, multiple times per month and every month.

For Professor Bruno, athletes can not simply venture to the championship, at least they must be on an equal footing in order to win victories (not always medals).

The old saying “the important thing is to compete” is no longer when athletes, regardless of their age, plan their competitive schedule with previous weight selection, goals to be achieved, physical, nutritional and emotional conditioning, priority in training schedules, commitment , dedication. How does an athlete want to perform well in a championship if he does not appear to train regularly, if he can not sparring 3 times in a row, if his arms are tired and his muscles lose force? Impossible!

There are basic rules to follow when competing:

1) To train frequently as if all training were the final match of the tournament

2) Keep yourself healthy, in the weight of your chosen class between you and your teacher

3) Always exercise, whether you are at home, on holiday or at the weekend. There are no holidays for the muscles.

4) Have a calendar of competitions pre defined by you or your teacher, this calendar should be followed without major changes.

5) The body does not react well to rapid weight loss, so do not change your workout pace, unless it is to stronger and improve your performance.

Nobody likes to lose, so in 2018, get ready. Study the calendar of competitions, choose your class, study the rules, study your techniques, improve your best moves, stay focused to achieve your goals. When you launch into your own challenges, even if no one knows, you will be pulling your boundaries. In a short time, your attitudes will also reflect off the mat. The balance between body and mind that Jiu-Jitsu brings us, only make us stronger for our fights on and off the mats.

Happy 2018!! Good rolls!

See you on the Mat.

Professor Bruno Guimaraes

Peak Performance Soul Fighters Jiu-Jitsu – (512) 918-8921

500 Brushy Creek #ste504 – Cedar Park – TX – 78613


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