Below are some testemonials from parents and students about Soul Fighters Program

    After a year and a half of studying Tang Soo Do with my family I made the decision that I needed to add something that would round out my martial art skills, help me get in better shape and add another self-defense tool. I decided to give Soul Fighters Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Academy in Austin a try, hoping it give me the ground fighting skills that I felt would make me a better fighter and a well-rounded martial artist. I could not have asked for a better program than the one that Professor Bruno Guimaraes runs through the Peak Performance Training Center, he is very knowledgeable and observant. He is able to point out the little changes in technique that makes everything smoother and more fluid, while at the same time encouraging a safe, positive learning environment. Professor Bruno creates a class that offers a great balance of conditioning, training, and sparring, that makes it fun and informative. After just a few classes both of my daughters (5&7 years old) decided to start training under Professor Bruno and are loving every minute of it. To them every class is a game that they enjoy playing, but as a dad I am grateful that they are learning skills, confidence and strength to face anything that life will throw at them, and the ability to defend themselves if ever needed. The family class is great because my daughters and I are all learning skills alongside each other and other families, Professor does a great job of balancing the training in the family class so that no one feels left behind or like they are not learning something new. Professor Bruno's knowledge gives him the ability to teach all ages and keep everyone engaged and excited about the class. The facilities are clean and top notch with plenty of mat space, I have never felt that I was crowded, or on top of other students while training.

    Chris Lambert, Soul Fighters Student

    My 13 year old son Alex has even attending Soul Fighters and training under professor Bruno Guimaraes for a couple of months now. He was at a previous location and different group nearby - since being under Bruno we have noticed an extreme increase in his desire to learn BJJ as well as significant improvements in his actual skill level. I typically don't do reviews like this but I can say without a doubt that Soul Fighters BJJ Academy has had an amazing impact on my son in multiple ways! From BJJ skill, to exercise impact, to positive attitude and overall excitement in mastering a martial art - he always looks forward to class and gets a great workout from it - Good job soul fighters, you are proving yourselves to be one of, if not the BEST BJJ training facility for youth inspiration in Austin, Cedar Park, Leander and the surrounding area - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED - THANK YOU!

    Ivan Orovio, Soul Fighters Student's Parent

    My daughter has been taking this class for over a year and loves it. Professor Bruno stepped in and took over from the last instructor and she has learned so much. I recommend anyone with a child specifically a daughter take his class so they learn to protect themselves.

    Nick Carter, Soul Fighters Student's Parent